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Sustainable Households

The heart of sustainability lives in our homes...the places where we raise our kids, restore ourselves, grow relationships and families, garden, create, dream, care for pets, play, cook, eat, sleep, shower and so much more.

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Nature Conservation and Natural Resources

Located in South East Queensland, the Scenic Rim boundaries stretch from Peak Crossing and Gleneagle in the north down to the New South Wales border, and from Tamborine Mountain in the east to Cunningham’s Gap in the west.

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Sustainable Business and Enterprise

Business and enterprise is central to sustainability and creating a more sustainable region. The Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011 – 2026 welcomes sustainable farms, businesses and industries that are compatible with our environment...

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Sustainable Food

Up to 40% of our carbon footprint comes from the growing, production, transport, manufacture, packaging, marketing and retailing of food. So when we buy and use sustainably produced, regional food we are not only supporting our local farmers but also nature.

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Sustainable Communities

The Scenic Rim is a region of villages. We are fortunate to live within a landscape of forests, mountains, big blue sky, and rivers and creeks because each day we can see what underpins our lives, families and communities: clean air, clean water, good soil,…

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sustainable scenic rim

The Scenic Rim is a place of wonders.

Our natural environment is world famous for its plants, animals, geology, forests, waterways and beauty.

Our communities are vibrant, creative, enterprising places to live and visit.

And our people are a wonderful mix of Traditional Owners, settler pioneer families, farmers, artists, young people, children, business operators, families and so much more...

Being connected to the Scenic Rim gives us a chance to think about our past, present and future. And this community website is designed to help our thinking, particularly about our future in ways that grow 4-Bottom Line Sustainability:

  1. Ecological Sustainability – PLANET – protecting, conserving, restoring and revitalising nature and the natural resources that are the foundation of our lives.
  2. Economic Sustainability – PROSPERITY – supporting local business and enterprise to provide goods and services for residents, businesses and visitors in eco-efficient ways.
  3. Social Sustainability – PEOPLE – growing creative, connected communities across our region.
  4. Civic Engagement – PARTICIPATION – bringing people together to collaboratively work for a sustainable future for the Scenic Rim.

These layers of sustainability connect closely to the Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011 – 2026. This is our region’s shared vision and plan for the future and is the main guide for Scenic Rim Regional Council, other levels of government and our community on important issues including the environment, economic development, social wellbeing, infrastructure and governance.

Our Community Vision

By 2026, Scenic Rim will be a network of unique rural communities embedded in a productive and sustainable landscape.

We will enjoy a high quality rural lifestyle in self-reliant communities that provide a choice of quality local food, products, services and recreation opportunities. Our residents will have affordable transport options and ready access to the broader South East Queensland region.

Our community will support sustainable farms, businesses and industries that are compatible with our environment and lifestyle and provide rewarding employment and prosperity for residents. Residents will benefit from the region’s productive farmland, stunning natural environment and character filled towns and villages which attract tourists and visitors and provide ecosystem services for the broader South East Queensland community.

Scenic Rim will be an inclusive, caring and creative environment with healthy and active residents. The region will provide a happy, safe and nurturing environment for children and families.

We will participate in planning and managing our communities and act to ensure the Scenic Rim is enhanced for future generations

Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011 – 2026

This website invites you to explore four main sections:

  1. Sustainable Regional Business Directory which lists over 100 local and regional businesses that are focusing on eco-efficiency, clean energy and 4-Bottom Line Sustainability. It also includes some sustainable business tools and resources. If you run a business in the Scenic Rim and are working on improving your sustainability (environmental, social, economic, participation), we invite you to join this directory.
  2. Regional Food Directory which was launched in late 2012. This directory lists many regional food-related businesses involved in the growing, production, manufacturing, retailing and use of local and regional produce. If you run a business in the Scenic Rim that connects to local food and farming, we invite you to join this directory and help spread the word about the Scenic Rim’s vibrant and growing regional food sector.
  3. Sustainable Agriculture. This section is currently in its early stages of development and acknowledges the key role that sustainable agriculture plays in our region. As the section grows it will support our region’s agricultural and related businesses and enterprises, because this industry is the largest contributor to our regional economy.
  4. Introduction to Sustainability, Links and Resources. The world of sustainability in the Scenic Rim, nationally and internationally is full of inspiring and useful case studies, resources, organisations, policies, activities and tools. This section of the website aims to open up some useful links and connections that help bring sustainability into the homes, businesses, classrooms, schools and community groups of our region.

Sustainable Scenic Rim also produces a seasonal eNews about the activities and organisations involved in sustainability in our region. If you would like to subscribe to this eNews, please register here.

Sustainable Scenic Rim is operated through a collaboration between Scenic Rim Regional Council and regional sustainability learning organisation the Ethos Foundation. We have worked together since 2008-09 to help elevate and showcase sustainability in the region through non-political, grassroots-based small business workshops, community projects, leadership forums and Sustainable Scenic Rim. For more information about Sustainable Scenic Rim contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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