Branson brings climate war room to Australia

Branson brings climate war room to Australia

22 August 2011

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Richard Branson promoted cleantech businesses and entrepreneurs when he opened a conference by the Climate War Room in Sydney in July. The Creating Climate Wealth Summit was held on July 7-8 and was organised by the Climate War Room (CWR), a not-for-profit founded by Branson. The CWR “brings private capital together with emerging technology providers and local and central governments to drive environmental improvements alongside economic growth”.

The Summit identified specific pathways to accelerate deployment of cleantech solutions with current technology and under current policy settings.

Over 200 executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the private sector attended the conference. This included Ben Waters head of GE’s ecomagination initiative and Charlie Finnie managing partner at Greener Capital.

In an open letter in support of the Climate War Room Branson wrote: “Creating businesses that will power our growth, and reduce our carbon output while protecting resources, is also the greatest wealth-generating opportunity of our generation.

“Too often I hear commentators describe the battle against climate change as though it’s a choice between growth and reducing our carbon output. This is wrong.”

For more information about the conference and Australian initiatives go to:

Sustainable Scenic Rim

Sustainable Scenic Rim

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