National Food Plan and Issues Paper

National Food Plan and Issues Paper

22 August 2011

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In its 2010 election commitment the Australian Government indicated that the key aims for a national food plan were to integrate food policy by looking at the whole food supply chain, to protect Australia’s food security, and to develop a strategy to maximise food production opportunities. It also outlined a wide range of issues it would consider when developing a national food plan.

What is the scope and purpose of the national food plan?

The plan is expected to have a broad scope, including issues such as food security, productivity and efficiency, sustainability, health and nutrition and general economic policy relating to the food sector. One role for the plan will be to recognise the wide range of work already being done by stakeholders.

The government envisages that a national food plan will outline the Australian Government’s vision for the food industry and consumers, to guide Australian Government actions and provide certainty for other stakeholders. A national food plan, when finalised, would seek to better explain and better integrate Australia’s approach to food policy, from production through to consumption, and be consistent with the government’s market-based policy approach and commitment to fiscal discipline.

How does the national food plan integrate with other government food-related initiatives?

The Australian Government recognises the wide range of work by governments and other stakeholders on food-related initiatives. In developing a national food plan the government does not seek to replicate past or ongoing policy processes or other initiatives, but to work on drawing linkages between them. Stakeholders wanting to provide feedback on specific policy issues being considered elsewhere—such as the national policy response to the Blewett review of food labelling law and policy—should do so through the relevant avenues or consultation opportunities.

What is the purpose of the issues paper?

The issues paper is the first step towards developing a national food plan. In June 2011 Minister Ludwig released the Issues paper to inform the development of the national food plan.

Through consultation on this paper the government is seeking feedback from all stakeholders on what a national food plan should cover and aim to achieve.

What is the coverage of the issues paper?

The issues paper covers all parts of Australia’s food supply chain–from paddock to plate. It poses questions for discussion and feedback. The paper also summarises the wide range of food-related government policy and programs and key facts about our food supply chain.

How do I get a copy of the issues paper?

There are two options to obtain a copy of the issues paper. You can either:

· read online or download the summary or the issues paper from this website, or

· request a printed copy of the summary or the full issues paper. Include in your email whether you want to receive the summary (approx 16 pages) or the full issues paper (approx 120 pages), your first and last name and full postal address.

Can I make a submission on the issues paper?

Yes, written submissions are welcome. Questions are included in the issues paper, which may assist you in making your submission. To give more people the opportunity to input into the development of a national food plan, the closing date for submissions has been extended to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Friday, 2 September 2011.

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